Ashiq Hussain Ganie

Ashiq Hussain Ganie was lifted on 3 March 1993 during a search and cordon operation.

– Ashiq’s body was found on 12 April 1993

On 21 March 1993 an army major picked up the Ashiq’s father and brother and made them sign blank paper that the victim had been released (all of this needs to be verified). Ashiq’s body was found on 12 April 1993.

The Ministry of Defence, in this case, denied sanction to prosecute in 1997 without providing any reasons for their denial.

On 14 May 1999, the family ?led a writ petition before the Jammu and Kashmir High Court challenging the denial of sanction to prosecute the two army personnel identi?ed by the police investigation. Multiple court adjournments followed, and the Jammu and Kashmir High Court granted further time to the central government to respond.


Fifteen Kashmiri families who lost their loved ones in cases of human rights violations by the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir are urging the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defense to ensure the right to truth for victims, their families and affected communities and ensure that they have access to full disclosure about human rights violations. The families want both the ministries to:

1. Make informartion available related to all 15 cases highlighted by Amnesty International India on this digital platform.

2. Make information pertaining to the proceedings, verdicts and sentences of courts-martial and security force courts publicly accessible including through the Right to Information Act, 2005 and by other means including an online database